When I was 13 years old, I wrote a line in my personal diary:
“loneliness had my face.”
I can’t call it prophetic, but in a sense, people are always alone, aren’t they? They come into this world alone, they also leave alone. Woven from contradictions, our soul rages in loneliness, and in it our soul seeks peace.

This limited edition collection contains copyright photographs from 2013 to 2020. The visual diary seeks to answer the question: Is loneliness isolation or privacy? Disease or necessity?

It seems to me that a person is always lonely. In a crowded room of his own thoughts, only the owner himself is able to recognize the most necessary and most important voice or hear the answer to his own question.

Hardcover, coated paper 100g / m2, tracing paper, format 220 / 220mm, number of copies – 100.
UDC 77 (084)
BBK 85.16ya6 B54
ISBN 978-5-600-02770-1

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